The future is now: Payments for an evolving commerce experience

Our world has been presented with unforeseen challenges that have accelerated the transition to electronic payments. The need for coordination amongst a business’s many commerce channels has never been greater. At Stitch, we are prepared to equip you with payments technology that allows you to cater to these unique use-cases and deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

Tie your payments in a bow. Let's make this easy.

Our customers require creativity — some use CRMs in conjunction with an industry-specific Point-of-Sale software while others have a need for contactless payments and curbside pickup in the wake of the current global pandemic. We promise to deliver personalized commerce solutions to save you both time and money.

Contactless Payments

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and NFC Tap & Go functionality offers customers a quick and easy payment experience without having to dip their credit card.

iFrame Tokenizer

We host the sensitive credit card field so you don’t have to. This also takes your website out of PCI scope which greatly reduces your security responsibilities.


We leverage tokenization to keep your data safe and protect your business and your customers. Repeat customers can use cards from their previous orders and on an ongoing basis for secure weekly and monthly billing plans.

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