Simple payment acceptance for your business customers

Credit and debit card acceptance has grown rapidly in recent years for manufacturers and suppliers. With our easy-to-use Virtual Terminal, now you can accept cards over the phone or through a custom-designed payment portal that is tailored to your needs.

Streamline Your payment processes

We’ve seen it all. Our platform allows for ACH payments and recurring billing plans, with the flexibility to do what you need it to do. Our B2B business customers often leverage their own ERP or financial systems, and we make sure reconciliation is easily automated so you know where and when payments are made.

Above all else, Stitch will guide you to the solution that’s right for your business. Remember, one size does not fit all and we will make sure you and your customers are happy.

Our Virtual Terminal offers:

  • BOLT on-site payment Terminals for card-present transactions
  • Custom-developed payment portals
  • Recurring billing plans
  • P2PE and tokenization to adhere to the latest PCI security standards
  • Easy-to-use reporting portal
  • Automated reconciliation for ERP and financial systems

Automate your A/R processes

Our B2B customers can brand their own payment portals, use our out-of-the-box Virtual Terminal, or integrate with their own software. Don't you worry; we can help determine what route is optimal.

BOLT Terminals

Accept card-present transactions with Point-to-Point Encryption hardware to satisfy PCI's highest compliance requirements.

Payment Portals

Brand your own payments page and use Stitch's hosted web form to securely accept credit card and ACH payments.

Automated Reconciliation

Receive detailed deposit information to accurately reconcile card and ACH payments with your customers' accounts.

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