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Whether your business uses a popular e-commerce platform like Shopify or Magento or you’ve built your own e-commerce site, Stitch has curated the world’s most powerful payment gateways to enable you to accept debit and credit card payments with confidence and security.

Simple e-commerce integration, secure payment acceptance

Stitch is powered by the NMI and CardPointe Gateways, the two most powerful payment gateways in the world. Flexible and dynamic regardless of your e-commerce front or order management system, Stitch ensures a seamless fit with your current environment.

NMI and CardPointe

NMI and the CardPointe Gateway offer SOAP and REST API libraries that allow for integration in less than a week.

iFrame Tokenizer

We host the sensitive credit card field so you don’t have to. This also takes your website out of PCI scope which greatly reduces your security responsibilities.


We leverage tokenization to keep your data safe and protect your business and your customers. Repeat customers can use cards from their previous orders and on an ongoing basis for secure weekly and monthly billing plans.

Just a few of our easy plugin integrations...

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